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Orkney Weather

Orkney Weather

The Orkney weather can be varied, often with numerous changes in one day.

Orkney’s weather is influenced by the Gulf stream making general temperatures warmer than would be expected at this latitude.

The main features are wet, wind and mist with some gales in winter and whilst this may sound grim, by comparison we think the weather is very similar to the Lake District region of Cumbria and in winter, milder.

Expect to experience a number of weather features in any one day, so even if it appears warm and sunny, always pack warm clothing and waterproofs.

In Orkney, you are never far away from the sea and this combined with the Gulf Stream means that the winter temperatures can be milder than on the mainland with snow or frost only restricted to a few days of the year.

Even when arctic winds blow from the north, the amount of snow is usually less than on mainland UK

There are areas of the Orkney Islands, especially tucked away in south-western coves, where tropical cordylines can be found growing in gardens.

Haar is a special feature of northern island life – a mist from the sea which rapidly rolls over the islands, especially in summer. It is quite an experience to be sitting on a sunny beach then within minutes to be enveloped by damp, thick mist which may be fleeting or can last all day.

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Orkney Weather
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Orkney Weather
The Orkney weather can be varied, often with numerous changes in one day.

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